VIS 70N: Introduction to Media (SP19)
Teaching Assistant, dana washington

Greetings production groups, below you will find links for the course syllabus,
course schedule (links and reccomendations included), video production and
editing glossary, exposure charts, as well as other helpful tidbits.

Course Content

Course Syllabus

Course Schedule (Updated Weekly)

Course Slides (Updated Weekly)

Reserve Equipment

Equipment List

Sony NX3 Camera (extra batteries)
NX3 Tripod
Boom pole with shock mount
Shotgun Microphone
Tascam DR-100 Audio Recorder (extra AA batteries)
XLR cable (long)
LED 2-Light Kit or 3-LIght Kit
Grey/White Card (white balancing)
Slate / Clapperboard (with marker)
Sandbag (preferred for 3-Light Kit) 
Wireless Lavalier Microphone (optional)

Critique Policies

Critique Guidelines

Video Production Basics

Exposure Charts

Shot Angle Types

Video Production and Editing Vocabulary

Columbia Film Language & Video Shot Examples


Sony NX3 + NX3 Tripod Demo (Checklist)

Camera Shot List (Blank Template)

Storyboard (Ex 1, Ex 2, Blank Template)

Scene/Shot Log (Blank Template)

Sound & Lighting

On-Location Sound Recording Demo (Checklist)

Sound Report Log (Blank Template)

Artifical Lighting Demo (Checklist)

Video Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Demo (Checklist)

Sound Editing

Audio Editing in Premiere Pro CC (Checklist)

Rule of Thirds
The rule of thirds is applied by aligning a subject with the guide line and their
intersection points in a frame, by placing the horizon on the top or bottom line,
or allowing linear features in the image to flow from section to section.

Layers of an Image
Foreground - the figure closest to the screen is in the foreground
Middleground - the younger figure is positioned in the middleground
Background - the architectural building and skyline make up the background

Production Crew Roles

Mother of George (2013)
Director: Andrew Dosunmu
Writer: Darci Picoult
Cinematographer: Bradford Young
Gaffer (Lighting): Matt Zschoche
Film Editor: Oriana Soddu

Sound Mixer: Eric Branting

George Washington (2000)
Director / Writer: David Gordon Green
Cinematographer: Tim Orr
Gaffer (Lighting): Steve Pedulla
Film Editors: Zene Baker, Steven Gonzales
Sound Mixer: Christof Gebert