Measures for Healing  (2017/2019)

What does it mean to photograph a place where a body is laid to rest?
What does it mean to photograph your own suffering body?
What does it mean to photograph a healing place?
What does it mean to capture space, as in gaps of time
or as in spiritual presence?

Thinking about the meaning behind a maker’s decision to photograph--
and one’s own movement in that production. Wondering how one gathers
the nerve or acts in confidence to pull out a camera and photograph a body,
or a place or an event during moments where healing is needed most.

Measures for Healing: self-portrait, an afflicted body (2019)

Measures for Healing: through the eyes of my lover (2019)

Measures for Healing: home-remedies (2019)

Measures for Healing: in passing (2017)

Measures for Healing: honoring; a resting place (2017)